4 Corners Aeroseal & Insulation Services & Pricing

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Aeroseal Envelope Pricing
$0.28/ cubic foot
(~$2.50 a sqft)
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Includes 5 gallons of solution.
(Usage affected by how leaky the house is at the start)
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$300 per gallon after the first 5.
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Does not include masking horizontal surfaces, but we will mask off doors and windows.
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$125/hr labor per worker
For repairing large leaks and additional masking
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$3.50/mile outside of 30 mile radius of the location below, maximum 150 mile radius.
Durango CO: 501 Cr-229, Durango, CO 81301
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$500 trip charge if project area not masked and ready
Aeroseal Duct Pricing
For home owners or new construction
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Includes up to 16 registers (vents).
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$50 per register over 16.
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$100 for every 50 feet beyond where the machine is setup
We will do our best to position the machine as close as possible.
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$3.50/mile outside of 30 mile radius of either location, maximum 150 mile radius.
Durango, CO: 501 Cr-229, Durango, CO 81301
Farmington, NM: 5 Road 1634 Farmington, NM 87401